What’s the Difference Between Proof of Concept, Prototype, and MVP?

Do you need to prove to potential investors that your idea is worth funding? Or are you wondering how best to validate your idea out in the market?

Ideation, POC, and prototype phases.

What is the Ideation Phase?

What is a Proof of Concept?

When Do You Need a Proof of Concept?

What are the Benefits of a Proof Of Concept?

Proof of Technology vs. Proof of Concept

What is a Prototype?

When Do You Need a Prototype?

What are the Benefits of a Prototype?

What is a Minimum Viable Product?

When Do You Need an MVP?

What are the Benefits of an MVP?

A chart shows the development time differences between a POC, a prototype, an MVP, and taking a full system into production.
POCs, prototypes, and MVPs provide cost-effective and time-saving alternatives before delving straight into production.

Cheat Sheet for Deciding Between POC, Prototype, and MVP

Go for POC if:

Go for Prototype if:

Go for MVP if:

A table discusses the differences and benefits of proof of concept, prototypes, and minimum viable products.

What’s the Best Approach for You?



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