UPC: Adding Buy Now Pay Later to Meet Consumer Demand

UPC can now offer buy now pay later to its clients, providing yet another way for all involved in the financial ecosystem to interact and exchange goods and services. This helps our client remain at the forefront of the financial industry.

The Background

The Need

The Solution

A graphic shows the purchase information from a consumer selecting ‘Buy in Installments’ payment method when making a purchase through a mobile device.
Consumers can select a ‘buy now, pay later’ option even when making purchases on mobile. (Credit UPC)
A graphic shows the eCommerce Connect dashboard user interface for adding installment payments for merchants.
Financial service providers can easily enable installment payments or ‘buy now, pay later’ functionality for specific merchants through the eCommerce Connect dashboard. (Credit UPC)

The Benefits

  • Offer an attractive financial product to existing and new bank clients
  • Works for brick and mortar, mcommerce, and ecommerce merchants
  • Lessens the risk of a chargeback from customers
  • Consumers can choose installment payments right at checkout and don’t need to offer any information other than a valid and funded payment card
  • Consumers have the option to select a payment method that fits their budgeting needs




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