Powwow: Empowering Remote Work with Low Code

With the acceleration to remote work, low code development platforms can provide employees with the mobility and access they need to telework successfully

Transforming Legacy Software to Meet Remote Work Needs

Powwow and Softjourn began working together in 2012, when Powwow’s co-founder and CEO Jonathan Kaplan saw a need to bring desktop enterprise applications to mobile devices simply and quickly — and with a totally native feel that would enhance both adoption and usage.

Meeting High Expectations with Low Code

Powwow’s SmartUX Studio offers users the ability to quickly create hybrid applications via a drag-and-drop interface. Since these applications are hybrid, they work across multiple operating systems without the need for multiple code bases.

A Flexible Team for an Evolving Project

As Powwow’s vision for their product evolved, Softjourn provided continuous development support and suggestions for the most efficient implementation of new features or improving existing ones.

Upgrading to a Modern UI and UX

Softjourn developers and designers also worked in tandem with the Powwow team to provide customizations for end user customers. This included custom features for each customer’s needs and branded designs for the UI. Softjourn’s in-house designers are experts at understanding client needs, and translating those needs into an effective UX.

Benefits of Working with Softjourn

  • Long-term, high-quality software engineers, quality assurance folks, and other team members that didn’t simply take direction but also provided ideas and suggestions for the most effective end result
  • Flexible team that was able to pivot quickly depending on changing market trends and company needs
  • Deep expertise when it came to mobile application architecture, technology, and development
  • Clear documentation to create milestones and timelines for reaching company goals


Softjourn developers drew on industry and in-house best practices to prepare a roadmap for the next version of Powwow’s low code development platform.



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