How Smart Payments Routing Can Stop False Declines

False declines hurt everyone involved in the payment process; here’s how smart payments routing can offer a solution

How Smart Payments Routing Works

A smart payment routing solution can route payments according to several factors, including card type, currency, and the shopper’s location.
Smart payment routing funnels transactions through the gateway most likely to approve the payment, increasing approval ratings and lowering fees.

How Cascading Payments Work

Cascading payments means to route a declined transaction through a different payments pathway, seeking approval.
Using cascading payments can have a positive impact on revenue due to more approved transactions and lower transaction fees.
Smart payments routing can help mitigate payment failure before it happens.
Payments can fail due to three main reasons: technical, financial, or risk assessment.

Smart Routing Optimizes Transactions

Benefits of Smart Payments Routing

  • Lower transaction fees by determining the best payment service provider to use immediately
  • Allows merchants to increase their global authorization rate through cascading and smart retries
  • Improve user experiences by decreasing payment failures and user manual retries




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