Client Success Story: Touchless Scanning is the Future of Access Control

A natural evolution of contactless ticketing, touchless scanning meets the current needs of socially distanced events, and leads to streamlined event entry

How Touchless Scanning Works

A large, U.S.-based ticketing company collaborated with Softjourn to add touchless scanning to their access control app. Softjourn created and continues to maintain the app for the ticketing company. They partner with Janam for their scanning hardware needs. They are now moving forward with Janam’s prototype for a pedestal scanner. Janam provides 23,000 scanning units to the ticketing company globally.

How Touchless Scanning Impacts Entry Times

Handheld barcode scanner access control entry rate is about 4.3 seconds, according to the ticketing company’s senior product manager. With touchless scanning provided by pedestals, the rate goes up to between 6–7 seconds. This isn’t due to the pedestal or touchless barcode scanner. It’s due to patrons learning the new touchless scanning access control style.

How Touchless Scanning Works with Onsite Staff

When fans scan tickets using touchless scanning, the ticketing company’s app displays colors to show whether a ticket is valid or invalid. The app flashes green for a valid ticket or red for an invalid ticket. The app is also connected to LED lights embedded in the GT1 device, ensuring that the pedestal device flashes the same color.

Mobile application screens indicate whether a touchless scan was valid or invalid: a green welcome sign means a valid ticket, while a red screen indicates a ticket was already scanned.
The touchless scanning mobile user interface flashes different colors to indicate whether a ticket has been validated or not.

Futureproofing with Touchless Scanning Turnstile Support

Touchless scanning may be the future for access control. It will come in several forms, according to the ticketing company’s representatives.

Adding New Access Control Functionality

Softjourn originally developed the ticketing company’s access control app in Xamarin. This technology choice offered benefits to this project as well.

Two mobile phone screens show the selection of an input model, and then the resulting user interface for end clients.
The self-scan UI of the ticketing company’s access control app allows event organizers to enable touchless scanning in moments.

Benefits of Working with Softjourn

  • Familiarity with the client and their product’s business logic, having developed the original access control app
  • Deep knowledge of Xamarin and application of the technology’s best practices
  • Previous experience with Janam, thus familiar with their devices and software
  • A knowledgeable team that provides feedback and troubleshooting in helping to develop documentation and SDK for a brand-new scanning device on the market
  • Almost 20 years of experience developing applications for the ticketing industry


Touchless scanning is yet another step in the evolution of live event access control.



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