Client Success Story: Touchless Scanning is the Future of Access Control

A natural evolution of contactless ticketing, touchless scanning meets the current needs of socially distanced events, and leads to streamlined event entry

How Touchless Scanning Works

How Touchless Scanning Impacts Entry Times

How Touchless Scanning Works with Onsite Staff

Mobile application screens indicate whether a touchless scan was valid or invalid: a green welcome sign means a valid ticket, while a red screen indicates a ticket was already scanned.
The touchless scanning mobile user interface flashes different colors to indicate whether a ticket has been validated or not.

Futureproofing with Touchless Scanning Turnstile Support

Adding New Access Control Functionality

Two mobile phone screens show the selection of an input model, and then the resulting user interface for end clients.
The self-scan UI of the ticketing company’s access control app allows event organizers to enable touchless scanning in moments.

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