Every engineer knows the importance of using diverse types of testing in software development. Here, we’ll mention some of the most important testing strategies you should know.

Every project that involves software engineering is unique, and thus requires a unique testing process. If your main goal is to deliver quality software products on time within a defined budget, your Quality Assurance (QA) teams must combine various testing types. Expert QA engineers should strive to learn about the product in depth and complete several rounds of testing to eliminate potential bugs and ensure premium quality.

Any development project today includes a combination of testing strategies. …

This year’s all-virtual Innovative Payments Conference discussed the evolution of payments, better ways to use and handle customer data, and what the future of prepaid might hold

Is it traditional vs fintech? No, at least according to speakers at the Innovative Payments Conference 2021, presented by the Innovative Payments Association (IPA). Instead, traditional payments can be seen as an element of fintech. Industry incumbents have experience, while fintechs can provide a natural evolution for legacy systems.

While the pandemic hit pause on many other industries, finance fared quite well. Transaction volumes were up all around the world. McKinsey research reports that we vaulted forward five years in consumer and business digital adoption in a matter of about eight weeks.¹ …

Do you need to prove to potential investors that your idea is worth funding? Or are you wondering how best to validate your idea out in the market?

You have an excellent idea but don’t know what to do with it? New app or service-how much do you need to build in order to show investors, get potential clients on board, or just to start selling? Speculators, technology bloggers, early adopters, journalists-how to get the interest of all these individuals? What is going to separate your company from the crowd?

Hard to decide. Sounds like you might need a proof of concept, prototype, or minimum viable product. …

With the acceleration to remote work, low code development platforms can provide employees with the mobility and access they need to telework successfully

The shift to remote work has led many companies to resolve digital challenges with low code development platforms. Forty-four percent of U.S. workers are now working from home five or more days a week, up from 17% before the pandemic.

Typical coding requires knowledge of a programming language. Low code development environments simplify the app creation process by providing a drag-and-drop interface so that employees, even those with little to no coding knowledge, can create digital tools to solve real business needs. …

A natural evolution of contactless ticketing, touchless scanning meets the current needs of socially distanced events, and leads to streamlined event entry

At future events, patrons expect venues and events to provide a safe, hygienic experience.

Ticketing platforms can do this by providing touchless scanning through their access control app. Touchless scanning is a natural evolution of contactless ticketing.

Self-service validation devices are available in many industries and are not new to the ticketing industry. But, like much digital acceleration amid the pandemic, it is one trend that will likely stick around.

The benefits of touchless scanning are numerous. Self-scanning pedestals empower patrons to check themselves into an event. Touchless scanning also reduces staffing requirements. …

UPC can now offer buy now pay later to its clients, providing yet another way for all involved in the financial ecosystem to interact and exchange goods and services. This helps our client remain at the forefront of the financial industry.

The Background

Installment payments, now more popularly known as buy now pay later, are not a new payment scheme, but they have resurfaced again in the popular consciousness due to the pandemic and consumer desire to have finer control over spending habits.

As of January 2020, 26% of U.S. retailers offered a deferred payment method; by December of the same year, that percentage had increased to 46%.¹ Nearly 36% of U.S. online adults are interested in, currently use, or have used a ‘buy now, pay later’ service for a larger purchase.

This payment method isn’t just for buying an expensive new laptop…

While prepaid card scams are nothing new, the coronavirus pandemic is a huge opportunity for fraudsters. Here are three security measures prepaid card companies can implement to protect their customers.

While prepaid card scams are nothing new, they are seeing new life due to the coronavirus pandemic. Scammers have taken advantage of the crisis, masquerading as requests for charity donations, medical equipment, or requests for deposits to “maintain” social security checks.

Prepaid cards enjoy global popularity for many reasons. Consumers use them to make purchases anywhere they’re accepted, gift them to friends and family, or use them as deposit or savings in lieu of traditional banking accounts, among other trends. The global prepaid market is expected to reach $3.653 trillion in revenue by 2022, according to Allied Market Research.


From gig work and millennial preference to virtual cards and prepaid-as-a-service, here are five trends prepaid card providers can capitalize on in 2021 and beyond

Prepaid Card Industry Overview

Although the prepaid card industry has been traditionally dominated by players like Green Dot, Kaiku Finance, and Netspend, increasing consumer demand amplified by COVID-19 is revealing opportunities for fintechs and tech giants to step into this competitive landscape.

Apple, Amazon, Venmo, Square, and Paypal are elbowing in to get their slice of the prepaid pie, and there’s quite a lot of pie to be had. In the U.S., prepaid card market growth has remained steady at 2.7% over the last five years.¹ Allied Market Research predicts that the global prepaid card market will reach $5,510.87 billion by 2027.

This growth…

False declines hurt everyone involved in the payment process; here’s how smart payments routing can offer a solution

E-commerce is exploding due to the pandemic; as sales grow, so does fraud. One solution for this issue is smart payments routing, which is designed to help everyone in the payments value chain.

Even before the pandemic, false declines resulted in the rejection of 2.6% of all e-commerce orders.¹ As a result, thousands of dollars are lost every year not only in missed sales but also in wasted marketing efforts. It’s possible that false declines could also put the U.S.’s economic recovery at risk if a solution is not implemented. Clearsale anticipates that the amount lost to false declines could…

Social distancing is a must for in-person event planning during the pandemic. Softjourn’s ticketing experts explain how the most popular social distancing algorithms work, plus other post-pandemic event planning considerations.

Is social distancing the key to in-person event planning?

The short answer is, no, it’s not a silver bullet, but it is an important part of developing a safe event that draws audiences back to venues. Social distancing’s impact on ticket inventory can hinder as much as help in organizing post-pandemic live events. Plus there are other areas to consider besides capacity and sales, such as access control.

Softjourn’s CTO Jeff Kreuser and Ticketing Expert Lyubomyr Nykyforuk discuss different social distancing algorithms for venue mapping tools, how they affect event planning, and additional considerations that can go into post-pandemic…

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